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PCB production process capability
Number Project Content
1 Layers Single-sided/double-sided/multi-layer (4-32 layers)
2 Material Common: FR-4 (Medium TG High TG), CEM-1 Special: CEM-3, Rogers
3 Surface treatment process Lead-free technology: lead-free HASL, immersion nickel gold, gold plating, organic solder protection film (OSP)
4 Special Process 1. Impedance board (impedance requirement is within 10%)
2. High copper thick plate (copper thickness of inner and outer layers is 4-6 OZ)
3. High TG board/halogen-free board/halogen-free high TG board
5 Processed plate thickness 0.2-7mm
6 Processing size Maximum processing size: 750MM X850MM
Minimum processing size: 5MM X 5MM
7 Minimum aperture 0.1mm
8 Minimum line width and line spacing Minimum line width: 0.075mm Minimum line spacing: 0.075mm
9 Plate Thickness Aspect Ratio 18 within
10 Minimum annular ring 0.2mm
11 Outer copper thickness 18m35m70m 105m140m
12 Solder mask oil film type Liquid Photosensitive Solder Resist Ink
13 Solder resist ink color Photosensitive series: green, black, red, yellow, white, blue, orange, etc.
Matt series: green, black
sun ink
14 Shape processing method Die stampingCNC
15 Tolerance Line width 10%, aperture + 3Mil, shape processing 0.15MM (special process to be determined separately)
16 Coating thickness 1. HASL: copper thickness 18-25um, tin thickness 5-40um
2. Immersion gold plate: nickel thickness 2.5-5m, gold thickness 0.05-0.1m
3. OSP board: film thickness 0.2-0.5um
17 Warpage 0.75%
18 Total Capacity 30000O
PCBAssembly capability
Number Project Content
1 Solder type Lead-Free (RoHS Compliant)
2 Assembly time From 24 hours to 7 days once all parts are ready
3 Maximum size of PCB 550*460*5mm
4 PCB minimum size 50*50*0.8mm
5 Assembly type Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly
6 Ball Grid Array (BGA) Assembly
7 Mixed technology (SMT and through-hole)
8 Through hole assembly
9 Mixed assembly
10 Maximum height of components 15mm
11 Maximum size of components 50*50*15mm
12 Assembly surface single/double sided
13 SMT Total Capacity 5 million points/day
14 DIP Total Capacity 180000 points/day
15 ASSY Total Capacity 200000 points/month
16 Quality inspection Vision test
17 AOI
18 X-RAY
19 Online test
20 Function test
21 After-sales service If defective or damaged during delivery, repair and rework services will be provided. Communication comes first.

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